New Metucat Features

Swagger schema support

Metucat allows developers to export interface descriptions to Swagger compatible Open API format. They can be used with all Swagger tools - generators, documentation, clients. Export is easy and can be customized. Developer can define microservice on Metucat and then generate node.js source code template with all routes and with parameter validation.

Add Examples for Datasets and Interfaces

As an additional tool to documenting Datasets and Intefaces, you can add examples to their definitions. Interface can have examples for all operations, and API requests can be tested directly from Metucat. Structure of example is automatically generated. Examples can be exported as JSON objects.

Git integration automation

With Git integration, metadata of project (JSON schemas of all datasets and interfaces with approved status) will be automatically uploaded to Git repository and can be accessed in the code. Developers can define enumerators and data structures, and then use them in applications written in different programming languages.

New Pipelines functionality

Pipelines allow to visualize data flow between the applications. Items of pipeline can input data from subscription to other applications, datasets of current application or outputs of current pipeline. Items of pipeline are connected with interfaces.

UI definition in Views

Views allow to define hierarchical tree of application's UI elements and refer them in project source code. When the elements are updated in Metucat, they will be automatically updated in project's UI. Elements can also be localized. Elements include text labels, images, etc.

Dataset Changes Log

Dataset History provides diffs for dataset's versions. Architect can rollback to any required version or check it out as new dataset.

Import Dataset from JSON schema or object

This feature allows fast creation of Metucat datasets from JSON document containing schema or object example. Generated collection of datasets is required to support of objects in schema. It saves time to generate Metucat datasets and allows to create draft and modify it later.

Generate JSON schema for Dataset

This function allows to generate JSON schema for dataset in Layout. This schema can be used in open source tools for schema validation. For example you can create definition of event in Metucat, generate schema and use it to validate event sent by application.

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